Christmas Tree Mini


Session fee = £135 includes 3x digital images of your choice
Ivy Tree Cottage Farm, Wilmslow
Up to 30mins duration
Families with babies & children of all ages welcome

WEATHER: I will only cancel this shoot if it is very poor weather conditions, the farm is fairly sheltered / protected by the trees. If I need to cancel these outdoor mini shoots I have the 5,6,7th Nov also reserved with the farm as a back up weekend if needed – all days / time slots booked will simply move across (this alternative weekend is NOT available to book separately, it is reserved as a back up only at this stage). If the sessions are cancelled due to bad weather and you are unable to attend the alternative weekend suggested you can either swap your booking to a Family Mini session (indoor) or a Spring Outdoor Mini Session or I can give you a full refund.



Christmas Tree Mini Session
By appointment only
Session fee = £135 includes 3x digital images of your choice. Extra images can be purchased if desired (not compulsory)
Christmas accessories available on request.
Ivy Tree Cottage Christmas Tree Farm, Wilmslow
Up to 30mins duration
Family Session
Babies & Chrildren of all ages welcome

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