Spending money on a professional photo shoot for special occasions is a wonderful way to capture special moments to fill the home with, here at nurtured with love I’ve captured thousands of cheshire families and beyond. However, I’m more than aware they are a luxury and can’t always be a regular option for your family.

There’s no reason why you can’t capture frame worthy photos at home or whilst out and about, whether they’re candid or a planned homemade shoot.

With that in mind, I want to share some of my top tips for taking photos of your family, as we all know it’s not the easiest feat in the world:                                   


Follow their lead

Telling your child to pose and smile on demand rarely works, their minds work at a million miles an hour so sitting still isn’t in their nature! Let them roam, explore, play and do their own thing and you’ll be sure to capture some natural smiles and expressions along the way (snacks and treats always work …)

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Keep your camera on you / be sneaky

Do you ever find the best moments are when the camera is put down? In many ways this is true and I do believe some of the best memories are captured in the mind, however if you’re planning on a homemade shoot, be sure to keep your camera handy for those magic moments which appear out of nowhere.

There are times when you don’t even need to let the your kids know you’re taking photos. Let them become completely involved and engaged in an activity and start snapping away. Candid portrait photography often produces the most beautiful images (with both children and adults), because the subject is relaxed.

Vary your shots

Don’t just focus on smiley face photos, do a variety of angles; close up shots, far away shots, portrait, landscape, even shots where your family are looking away have the ability to capture lots of emotions.

Because kids have low attention spans and get fidgety easily, be sure to vary their poses to i.e. some sitting down, some walking around, some playing and jumping, etc.


Make it fun.

If you want to get more than 5 minutes worth of photos of your kids, you have to make it worth their while! Making photo shoots fun and enjoyable means that your kids will want to do it again, and again, and again – how about even letting them get involved and take a few photos of you.

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It’s not all about the smile

Did you ever notice when your baby was newborn you just stared at their expressions all day, wondering what they were thinking? Well your child expressions are just as special as they get older, we focus too much on smiling for a camera nowadays when in reality, those little grimaces, thinking faces and all those perfect little quirks are what makes your child them! Be sure to capture them instead of just saying: “say cheese” constantly.

Location, location , location 

There’s nothing wrong with planning a photo shoot in your own home (Nurtured with Love is in my home studio in Cheshire!), it’s where your family feel most comfortable and is likely to capture some special relaxed photos. If you are doing it at home, make sure it’s a room filled with natural light.

nurtured with love photography cheshire


Likewise, why not choose an outdoor location that your family loves and where they can do lots of activities allowing you to capture a wide range of shots.

Most of all, ENJOY … Love Lou x