My Studio

I work from my beautiful home studio here in Wilmslow. I’m lucky to have a designated space at the front of my house which I’ve turned into a natural light studio for all of my indoor work. Its a lovely, bright, calm space and families have all told me how my home has a lovely welcoming feel to it. I typically only book one family in per day so that you are never rushed. Longer sessions include drinks and light refreshments. I also have little box of toys to keep siblings entertained. 

Hygiene: The Studio is cleaned thoroughly after each use, any props used are washed before being used again (or detol sprayed if they can’t be washed). Hand gel is used throughout the session. Facemarks are optional and I am happy to wear one too if you prefer. I have an amazing Blueair air purifier that runs constantly during sessions as well as always having the window open. 

I also offer ‘in home’ lifestyle sessions for any families preferring their own home setting for a photoshoot instead. 

Outdoor Family Sessions are held outdoors during British Summer Time. The Carrs Park in Wilmslow & Bramhall Park are especially popular with local families plus I have a couple of secret ‘outdoor’ locations that I often use that are much more private/quiet.

Photo Editing

After your session your images are ‘culled’ (i.e. I pick the best ones from the shoot) we then edited them to give them the light, creamy airy look that Nurtured With Love is so well known for. I work with two wonderful editors to help me with my work load….both Melissa & Teresa help keep my work life balance in check!!! Some sessions take longer than others to edit as there maybe a lot of background work to do like cloning blankets in where they are missing, removing creases or wet patches (yes babies sometimes pee everywhere !!) doing ‘head swaps’ where someone maybe has their eyes shut on a group family picture (usually daddy !!), or removing things like baby acne or pimples. The list of ‘edits’ is endless but you get the gist.

One thing I am very passionate about (esp as a mum to a daughter) is body altering in photoshop and I have made a promise to never alter someones body shape to ‘enhance’ an image. I am a proud supporter of the Body Image Movement and recommend ALL women take time to watch the ‘Embrace’ documentary made by the awesome Taryn Brumfitt who is traveling the world inspiring women to change the way they feel about themselves and how they think about their bodies esp after childbirth. Taryn is a mum of 3 herself and is on a mission to encourage positive body image by demanding mandatory labelling on photoshopped imagery so that we (as consumers) know if we are looking at something that is real or not.

Check it out……we should learn to grow and love everyBODY.

Melissa and Teresa

I’m very lucky to work alongside two wonderful editors one of whom is a ‘local mum’ too and lives just around the corner from me in Cheadle. Melissa is married to Mike and mummy to Hettie, Theo & little Mirabelle. Melissa is an expert with all things Photoshop. Melissa helps me with photo editing and with my sanity. She is also an expert tea drinker, family festival lover and one seriously crafty mama !!!! Melissa and I met when our girls were born, at pelvic floor classes of all places (get squeezing ladies !!!!). Melissa thought I was a crazy lady for having 2 children so close in age then she fell pregnant with her son Theo and we both now have the exact same age gap of 16 months and even worse pelvic floors !!

I also have my amazing Argentinian night owl ‘Teresa’ (the timezone difference helps massively). I’ve worked with Teresa for over 4 years, she’s a fellow photographer and an amazing editor. She is definitely my queen of headswaps and juggling the masses of images for some of my business branding clients too . She loves living in the countryside and the Beatles (and often shares her favourite Argentinian music with me too during our late night editing chats).