~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

When should I book my Newborn Session ?

Most people book a Newborn photo session BEFORE their baby arrives (typically after their 12 or 20wk scan). This gives us time to chat through the session and send over session guides / questionnaires. Pre-booking also secures you a space in my diary and means that once baby arrives you will get priority over availability. I use your DUE DATE as a guide to book you in then once baby arrives and you feel ready I then confirm a date/time that works for us all.

My baby is already here, can I still book a Newborn session?

Yes you can providing that your baby is less than 4wks old and I have availability. Please always call me first to check my availability before booking (certain times of year are much busier than others hence why pre-booking is advised where possible). If your baby is over 4wks old please get in touch for alternative session options (in some cases a slightly adapted Newborn Session may still be possible, otherwise an older baby mini or family mini session might be more suitable)

Why do Newborn Sessions take so long ?

If your baby is already here or if this isn't your first baby you will already know how time can disappear so fast when you are in newborn land ;> Sometimes feeds can take 45mins then you have to wind them / change nappies etc... During your session you will do all the normal 'baby care' things you do at home, only in-between feeds and nappy changes I will take some super cute pictures of your new arrival and you as a family.

Can I bring our older child(ren) to the Newborn Session?

Yes, older siblings are more than welcome. My popular Big Newborn & Family Session includes sibling pictures as well as relaxed, informal family shots of you all together ....and of course all of the gorgeous, keepsake Newborn images of your new arrival.

What happens if we need to cancel?

I'm a mum too and know how unpredictable kids of all ages can be especially when it comes to illness. I would rather you call me to re-arrange your session than share germs or bring an un-happy little one to a photoshoot. I will always try to re-arrange sessions cancelled due to illness as much as possible. (Certain Session types like my themed Christmas minis might be more difficult to rebook due to popularity and date restrictions). If an alternative session date can't be reached then I will give you a refund. (PLEASE NOTE: Gift Vouchers are not refundable after 14 days)

Can the grandparents / dog come to our session too?

Sorry there are no pets allowed in my studio but you are more than welcome to bring your dog along to any of my Outdoor sessions. As for grandparents / other extended family members my studio simply doesn't have the space for lots of extra adult bodies. However they are more than welcome to come along to one of my 'Big Outdoor' or 'At Home' Sessions if that helps?

Do you photograph in colour or black & white?

All images taken are available to purchase in both colour and black & white.

Can my partner / kids come to my Maternity Session ?

Yes partners and kids are welcome to attend Maternity Sessions. The time slot is yours and what images you choose to prioritise during this time is up to you. Typically I get enough time to do two different styles of shot during an average 30min Maternity session.

Do I have to choose which Collection we want to buy before our session?

No, you only decide which images you want after your session when your images have been edited and your gallery is released for viewing / ordering. This typically takes 2-3wks to turn around depending on the time of year (eg school holidays can take longer). Session booking fee's are the only part you need to pay upfront.

Do we need to come back to view our images ?

It's up to you, you are more than welcome to come back to the studio for an In Person Viewing which is especially useful if you want to talk about purchasing wall art / albums. Alternatively I can send you an on-line viewing gallery so that you can view / select / purchase your images from the comfort of your own home (ideal if you aren't local or if you have childcare challenges)

Can we buy both digital images and prints?

Yes. My packages are designed to be very flexible and to offer families what they want. Some want to keep it simple and buy their images as digital JPEG's via download, others want a keepsake USB plus a selection of prints along with some digital copies too. Some families want me to take care of everything from digital JPEG's to prints to wall art and album design. There is something for everyone.

Can you edit out tattoos / scars / spots?

Within reason yes, I typically automatically take care of spots, bruises, scratches and even new parent eye bags ;> My editing style is fairly natural so if you would like a heavier editing style or things like tattoos or scars etc... removing just let me know on the day of your shoot or when you have viewed your images. I can usually accommodate most requests however if it is something fairly major or time consuming then an additional editing fee may apply but I will always discuss this with you first.

Do you photograph older kids?

Yes I photograph big kids of all ages...even reluctant grumpy teenagers however I don't put them in a basket with flowers in their hair ;>

Where are your outdoor shoots held?

I have a few different locations depending on the season / weather which I use for my mini outdoor sessions all of which are local to Wilmslow. Mini session locations are decided by me. For my larger Big Outdoor family session I can come to a location of your choice providing it isn't private property that you don't own (eg National Trust). An additional travel fee (per mile) will be charged for any locations further afield.

What shall we wear ?

Keep it simple and comfortable. If you are wearing something you don't feel comfortable in or that doesn't fit you it will show in your face / posture. If you feel good in your clothes it will shine through on your photos.

Try not to wear clashing colours / patterns as a family group (lay your clothes on the floor all together and step back to look at them as a pile all next to each other to see if your outfits work together)

Avoid OTT branding (eg peppa pig t-shirts, heavily branded sports wear)

If having an outdoor session please avoid wearing lots of green ;>

Please make sure your clothes are clean and ironed, any request for editing out creases in unironed clothes will incur an editing fee.

What if my baby / kids are a nightmare ?

I've been doing this for 9 years and am a mum of 2 kids myself. Trust me when I say I've seen it all and non of it phases me. Babies and kids can have good days and bad like the rest of us and that's ok. On the rare (yes rare!!) occasion that everything goes belly up we can just stop and arrange to come back another day. In all my time doing this job I think I've only ever had to do 3 re-shoots (partial ones at that !) so please don't worry.